Ge is a Percussive Fingerstyle Solo Bassist

He started music really young at 5 years old on Classical guitar and as a teenager started playing electric bass.

After graduating from Paris VIII University (France) with a bachelor in musicology and from the National Music School (Electric Bass) he played as a sideman for fifteen years and had the chance to perform all over the world (France, USA, Australia, Marocco, Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas etc..).

For the last few years he has developed his Percussive Fingerstyle Solo Bass playing using a variety of techniques, including Slap, harmonics, chordal fingerstyle, tapping, flamenco strumming.

Through videos of pop songs covers and jazz solos he built a solid fan base on instagram with over 10k followers.

Stay tuned for new Percussive Fingerstyle Solo Bass videos 😉


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